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Enabling Jabber Federated Chat to my Domain

I would like to have integrated chat services on my domain. Users can connect via any Jabber-able client and interact with friends on other messaging networks (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, etc.). How? Well, I have already married a number of sub-domains to my Google Apps account (calendar, email, etc.) and that’s working awesome. Now for chat.forsbergville.com. At first I thought I would install a Jabber server on my host. Then I realized that Google Talk may be able to do the leg-work for me. I can marry chat to Google Talk now, but Google Talk is under-populated and I want those other networks. Enter the process of federation. Google Apps Admin Help tells me that: From: How can my users chat outside the Google network? – Google Apps Help How can my users chat outside the Google network? Print Google makes it possible for your users to chat with people using other messaging services through a process known as federation. Go to Google Talk and open communications to learn more about federation and who we’re federating with. While we’re federating with a number of other services, some services aren’t currently accessible through [ ... ]