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Why Google Apps Users Miss Out on Regular Gmail Features

Still FAR to complex for the average user, Google attempts to “clarify” the complexities of their Google Apps product. Via: Why Google Apps Users Miss Out on Regular Gmail Features—and Some Solutions [Annoyances] If you’ve taken the leap and hosted your domain email and other services with Google Apps, no doubt you’ve noticed that you miss out on services that “regular” accounts get: like Google Reader, Voice, Wave, Analytics, and right now, Buzz. Here’s why: After complaining about the disparities on a recent episode of This Week in Google, a helpful Googler unofficially got in touch to clarify. Let’s call her/him “Helpful McGoogler.” Here’s what HM said. To the user, it may appear that there are three types of Google accounts: Gmail accounts, Google accounts, and Google Apps (for your domain) accounts. In truth, there’s only one kind of account: a Google Account. Helpful McGoogler explains: Abstract the idea of a “Google Account” from being associated with Gmail or Google Apps. You can tie ANY email address to a “Google Account.” Check out https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount and notice that it asks you for your “current email address.” So let’s say [ ... ]
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Pushing Contacts and Calendars with Google Apps

Pushing Contacts & Calendars to Computer and iPhone for FREE with my Domain using Google Apps.

GoDaddy Domain to Google Apps to Email Bliss

So I am seriously considering now renewing my MobileMe/.Mac account when it comes up in 9 months. This is – indeed – quite a bit of type-a over-planning-in-advance, I realize, but please bear with me here: I need to get my saved IMAP folders off MobileMe now! I want it on my GoDaddy account now because I get free email there with my hosting and domain plans! My f-ing domain is there man … I want my username@mac.com saved messages moved – now. See there? Just had a massive type-a attack – right there, literally via my fingertips thru the keyboard out over the Internets and to your internet connection to your high-speed modem (probably) then to a router (still – most have one, nut I realize I am now limiting my audience, yes, however if you are a redneck on dial-up — still — ? You won’t ever read my blog anyhow. I didn’t code it for you bro – you are literally learning e-Bay at this very moment, trying desperately to figure out why it takes so very long to load-up every image) .. [where [ ... ]