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… and I can see I need to style my h classes

So I just checked that last post and can see that the <h> class tags haven’t seen styled. Here is an example of what I am seeing now: That’s obviously my fault as I recently changed over to the new theme, however I shall do more than fix this with simple CSS styling, I will also install a server app that shall render my h classes as customized Flash content (yet in the html code, will remain as <h> tags thereby not decreasing SEO friendliness, for improper formatting when viewed off-site (think RSS). To accomplish this feat, I will be using sifr.  The only concerns I have about it are that: I do not believe Flash will be in the future.  I do not see it as a foreward-facing technology and believe it to be one-day completely abandoned.  Apple is justtaking the lead on thsi assumptive concern now, but I believe the rest of the world shall follow. I do not like the load times I am seeing for it on a site that uses sifr, as evidenced by this measurement I took using www.psfollies.com (pictured below).  While I could rest [ ... ]