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Creating Email Aliases (Nicknames) with Google Apps Custom Domains

In my ongoing mission to rid my life of Apple’s MobileMe service, one feature I must have from MobileMe is email aliases. I don’t like to give my primary email address out to anyone but actual real-world friends and family, so have employed various aliases for different purposes. For example, I may want an alias for purchases: my.purchases@domain.com for example. While MobileMe has a simple web-based section for aliases, it is a bit more involved when using your own domain with Google Apps. From: DLS Tip: Google Apps does Gmail aliases right Savvy Gmail users have known for a while that adding +anything to an address will create an instant, though dirty, email alias/nickname (example: downloadsquad+spam@gmail). Email sent to these addresses still arrives in your main inbox, but this method allows for all sorts of organization tricks that make email easier to manage (such as applying a label and/or archiving all of these messages). While this works decently enough, it isn’t a true alias in the sense that spam bots and alert individuals can easily spot this trick and still scrape out your real email address. Google’s hosted Apps for Your Domain service, however, [ ... ]

GoDaddy Domain to Google Apps to Email Bliss

So I am seriously considering now renewing my MobileMe/.Mac account when it comes up in 9 months. This is – indeed – quite a bit of type-a over-planning-in-advance, I realize, but please bear with me here: I need to get my saved IMAP folders off MobileMe now! I want it on my GoDaddy account now because I get free email there with my hosting and domain plans! My f-ing domain is there man … I want my username@mac.com saved messages moved – now. See there? Just had a massive type-a attack – right there, literally via my fingertips thru the keyboard out over the Internets and to your internet connection to your high-speed modem (probably) then to a router (still – most have one, nut I realize I am now limiting my audience, yes, however if you are a redneck on dial-up — still — ? You won’t ever read my blog anyhow. I didn’t code it for you bro – you are literally learning e-Bay at this very moment, trying desperately to figure out why it takes so very long to load-up every image) .. [where [ ... ]