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Pushing Contacts and Calendars with Google Apps

Pushing Contacts & Calendars to Computer and iPhone for FREE with my Domain using Google Apps.

Enabling Jabber Federated Chat to my Domain

I would like to have integrated chat services on my domain. Users can connect via any Jabber-able client and interact with friends on other messaging networks (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, etc.). How? Well, I have already married a number of sub-domains to my Google Apps account (calendar, email, etc.) and that’s working awesome. Now for chat.forsbergville.com. At first I thought I would install a Jabber server on my host. Then I realized that Google Talk may be able to do the leg-work for me. I can marry chat to Google Talk now, but Google Talk is under-populated and I want those other networks. Enter the process of federation. Google Apps Admin Help tells me that: From: How can my users chat outside the Google network? – Google Apps Help How can my users chat outside the Google network? Print Google makes it possible for your users to chat with people using other messaging services through a process known as federation. Go to Google Talk and open communications to learn more about federation and who we’re federating with. While we’re federating with a number of other services, some services aren’t currently accessible through [ ... ]

Sub-Domain Ideas

So obviously I own my domain (forsbergville.com). After reading about mapping my MX records for email to Google Apps, I started thinking of other ideas for my subdomains (current and future). Sub-Domain Ideas www.forsbergville.com should resolve to primary domain on webhost (of course) eric.forsbergville.com should resolve to this blog angela.forsbergville.com should resolve to her blog hiking.forsbergville.com should resolve to my hiking blog files.forsbergville.com should resolve to my Dropbox (www.getdropbox.com) music.forsbergville.com should resolve to Apache running at home on my media server chat.forsbergville.com should resolve to to jabber server running on my web host mail.forsbergville.com should resolve to google apps per this post legacy.forsbergville.com should resolve to a Telnet/ssh java-based control on a black background webpage that is automatically attempting to login to the webserver using ssh (green lettering – yeah). Installed tools would include Gopher, Lynx, Pico, Pine, etc. Just for fun. The ideas will keep coming I’m sure, but I think that this is a great start!
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