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Wanted: A WordPress Plugin to Post iChat (.ichat) Files That Are Readable

I am seeking a WordPress plugin that would allow posters to add an Apple iChat transcript file so that it is both readable within the WordPress post and downloadable as the original name.ichat file.

Trying Out MarsEdit

I am testing out Mars Edit to blog with. Instead of waiting on my server, this lets me compose from a nice and slim OSX app. I really like it so far – especially the Flickr integration and great big drop zone for uploading photos (not sure if it will do that over FTP as it didn’t ask for ftp info, just a Blog Author which makes me think it probably will upload over the blog’s API connection – cool!). I have thrown in a couple images and gotta say, as I write this gets easier and more exciting. As a web author, I dig that I can just code html on the fly in this composition window while seeing a live preview of my completed work (sans a lot of CSS styling, but that’s assumed and actually – part of the fun is the anticipation of waiting for the post to publish and have that pretty veiner that magazine writers no doubt feel upon seeing their work in print). Yeah, I feel that I am sold [ ... ]
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