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Creating Email Aliases (Nicknames) with Google Apps Custom Domains

In my ongoing mission to rid my life of Apple’s MobileMe service, one feature I must have from MobileMe is email aliases. I don’t like to give my primary email address out to anyone but actual real-world friends and family, so have employed various aliases for different purposes. For example, I may want an alias for purchases: for example. While MobileMe has a simple web-based section for aliases, it is a bit more involved when using your own domain with Google Apps. From: DLS Tip: Google Apps does Gmail aliases right Savvy Gmail users have known for a while that adding +anything to an address will create an instant, though dirty, email alias/nickname (example: downloadsquad+spam@gmail). Email sent to these addresses still arrives in your main inbox, but this method allows for all sorts of organization tricks that make email easier to manage (such as applying a label and/or archiving all of these messages). While this works decently enough, it isn’t a true alias in the sense that spam bots and alert individuals can easily spot this trick and still scrape out your real email address. Google’s hosted Apps for Your Domain service, however, [ ... ]

Import Google Reader, Delicious, and Other Services Into Facebook

Thanks to this information, I have linked a few of my 3rd-party sites and services to my Facebook account. Reminds me of the 90’s when we used to do Webrings – remember Webrings? Remember Webrings on Geocities? Remember the city names? Ha! That’s a memory! I digress. This information is grand! From: How Do I Import Google Reader, Delicious, and Other Services Into Facebook? | Stay N’ Alive With the new Facebook home page design, the visibility of all my updates is making other people aware that I import my Google Reader, Delicious, and other activity into Facebook. It is one of my most frequent questions asked in the messages I get on Facebook. For this reason I thought I’d share how I do it. Believe it or not, no app install is required for this – it’s built right into Facebook. Services Available First of all, the services you can import into your Facebook wall feed: Yelp Photobucket Flickr Digg Picasa Delicious Google Reader Youtube Stumbleupon Pandora Hulu Blog/RSS – you may choose one blog to import (in addition to any note imports) Start by choosing which of those you belong to and use, and which you would like to share with your friends. Now [ ... ]

Pushing Contacts and Calendars with Google Apps

Pushing Contacts & Calendars to Computer and iPhone for FREE with my Domain using Google Apps.

Enabling Jabber Federated Chat to my Domain

I would like to have integrated chat services on my domain. Users can connect via any Jabber-able client and interact with friends on other messaging networks (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, etc.). How? Well, I have already married a number of sub-domains to my Google Apps account (calendar, email, etc.) and that’s working awesome. Now for At first I thought I would install a Jabber server on my host. Then I realized that Google Talk may be able to do the leg-work for me. I can marry chat to Google Talk now, but Google Talk is under-populated and I want those other networks. Enter the process of federation. Google Apps Admin Help tells me that: From: How can my users chat outside the Google network? – Google Apps Help How can my users chat outside the Google network? Print Google makes it possible for your users to chat with people using other messaging services through a process known as federation. Go to Google Talk and open communications to learn more about federation and who we’re federating with. While we’re federating with a number of other services, some services aren’t currently accessible through [ ... ]

Sub-Domain Ideas

So obviously I own my domain ( After reading about mapping my MX records for email to Google Apps, I started thinking of other ideas for my subdomains (current and future). Sub-Domain Ideas should resolve to primary domain on webhost (of course) should resolve to this blog should resolve to her blog should resolve to my hiking blog should resolve to my Dropbox ( should resolve to Apache running at home on my media server should resolve to to jabber server running on my web host should resolve to google apps per this post should resolve to a Telnet/ssh java-based control on a black background webpage that is automatically attempting to login to the webserver using ssh (green lettering – yeah). Installed tools would include Gopher, Lynx, Pico, Pine, etc. Just for fun. The ideas will keep coming I’m sure, but I think that this is a great start!
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Installing Plugins for WordPress

Busy installing and testing plug-in’s for the blog today. The list is quite large, but I am satisfied that, despite the amount of plug-in’s, I have the bare essentials for my design and usability desires. I snatched a few ideas from this wonderful article as well: From: The 13 Most Essential Plugins for WordPress – NETTUTS WordPress is a very powerful and flexible blog/content management system, but the thousands of plugins really help to extend the basic functionality. Here are 13 essential plugins that you should immediately install after finishing the WordPress installation.

GoDaddy Domain to Google Apps to Email Bliss

So I am seriously considering now renewing my MobileMe/.Mac account when it comes up in 9 months. This is – indeed – quite a bit of type-a over-planning-in-advance, I realize, but please bear with me here: I need to get my saved IMAP folders off MobileMe now! I want it on my GoDaddy account now because I get free email there with my hosting and domain plans! My f-ing domain is there man … I want my saved messages moved – now. See there? Just had a massive type-a attack – right there, literally via my fingertips thru the keyboard out over the Internets and to your internet connection to your high-speed modem (probably) then to a router (still – most have one, nut I realize I am now limiting my audience, yes, however if you are a redneck on dial-up — still — ? You won’t ever read my blog anyhow. I didn’t code it for you bro – you are literally learning e-Bay at this very moment, trying desperately to figure out why it takes so very long to load-up every image) .. [where [ ... ]

Working with [caption id=”attachment_###”

From: WordPress › Support » Working with caption id=”attachment_###” I am using MarsEdit (OSX stand-alone blogging software) to publish to my WP blog and have everything working with the exception of one issue I am just confused about. I use captions for all embedded images in my posts and love the feature. The first part of the caption code reads: caption id="attachment_###" where “###” is a seemingly random number. How is that number generated (where does it come from)? Is it necessary for posting new photos with captions? While MarsEdit lets me template how each image is inserted, I don’t know what number to put in this part of the code. I found this documentation: WordPress › Support » Working with caption id=”attachment_###” Image Settings – Titles, Descriptions, Captions, etc. You can add captions to your images by using the “Image Caption” field in the “Add an Image” or the “Edit Image” window. WordPress Heart Button When you add a caption to an image, caption shortcode is inserted into the source code. The caption is also used as the alternate text for the image by default. Here is the source code for the image above right after inserting it. caption id="attachment_945" [ ... ]

Understanding vertical-align, or “How (Not) To Vertically Center Content”

I found this article this morning while trying to (simple as it sounds), vertically center the badge images within their div on the right-hand column of this blog. Turns out that the words would be a much much better place [sigh] if we could only trust CSS and render it appropriately and correctly across all browsers. [/sigh] From: Understanding vertical-align, or “How (Not) To Vertically Center Content” A FAQ on various IRC channels I help out on is How do I vertically center my stuff inside this area? This question is often followed by I’m using vertical-align:middle but it’s not working! The problem here is three-fold: HTML layout traditionally was not designed to specify vertical behavior. By its very nature, it scales width-wise, and the content flows to an appropriate height based on the available width. Traditionally, horizontal sizing and layout is easy; vertical sizing and layout was derived from that. The reason vertical-align:middle isn’t doing what is desired want is because the author doesn’t understand what it’s supposed to do, but … … this is because the CSS specification really screwed this one up (in my opinion)—vertical-align is used to specify two completely different behaviors depending on where it is [ ... ]
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Trying Out MarsEdit

I am testing out Mars Edit to blog with. Instead of waiting on my server, this lets me compose from a nice and slim OSX app. I really like it so far – especially the Flickr integration and great big drop zone for uploading photos (not sure if it will do that over FTP as it didn’t ask for ftp info, just a Blog Author which makes me think it probably will upload over the blog’s API connection – cool!). I have thrown in a couple images and gotta say, as I write this gets easier and more exciting. As a web author, I dig that I can just code html on the fly in this composition window while seeing a live preview of my completed work (sans a lot of CSS styling, but that’s assumed and actually – part of the fun is the anticipation of waiting for the post to publish and have that pretty veiner that magazine writers no doubt feel upon seeing their work in print). Yeah, I feel that I am sold [ ... ]
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