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Scanning Family Photos

________________________________________ From: P. T. [P.] Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2010 7:41 PM To: Eric Forsberg Subject: personal question Eric: I have a pile of old family photos I want to scan. Can you recommend the best way to do this, to end up with quality scans? I’m not very happy with what comes out of the Xerox copier. Can you recommend some kind of equipment, or a service that would do this for me? Thanks for any leads. P. T. I’m not a big fan of the companies that provide the service.  I have researched them, and the thing is that it is expensive and you don’t have a human proofing everything and I prefer to be able to see my scans after I scan them in case I want to re-scan or try a different setting.  I have had INCREDIBLE success and happiness with the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 series!  You literally place a stack of about 30 pictures on the feeder, hit the button and walla – it scans beautiful at 300 or 400 dpi (any higher is pure digital waste as the size of a traditional photo at 4×6″ even, is being over-scanned for pixels not present any higher than about 320).  [ ... ]

The Importance of Timing Where RSS Is Concerned

RSS Feed publication REALLY is all about timing (where Exposure is concerned), isn’t it? I skip 1,000 at a time to catch-up, only ever reading the first thing in the morning (think newspaper reading time), lunch, dinner, and MAYBE just before bed. Time your publication so your syndication isn’t wasted on your potential readership.

Wanted: A WordPress Plugin to Post iChat (.ichat) Files That Are Readable

I am seeking a WordPress plugin that would allow posters to add an Apple iChat transcript file so that it is both readable within the WordPress post and downloadable as the original name.ichat file.

Import Google Reader, Delicious, and Other Services Into Facebook

Thanks to this information, I have linked a few of my 3rd-party sites and services to my Facebook account. Reminds me of the 90’s when we used to do Webrings – remember Webrings? Remember Webrings on Geocities? Remember the city names? Ha! That’s a memory! I digress. This information is grand! From: How Do I Import Google Reader, Delicious, and Other Services Into Facebook? | Stay N’ Alive With the new Facebook home page design, the visibility of all my updates is making other people aware that I import my Google Reader, Delicious, and other activity into Facebook. It is one of my most frequent questions asked in the messages I get on Facebook. For this reason I thought I’d share how I do it. Believe it or not, no app install is required for this – it’s built right into Facebook. Services Available First of all, the services you can import into your Facebook wall feed: Yelp Photobucket Flickr Digg Picasa Delicious Google Reader Youtube Stumbleupon Pandora Hulu Blog/RSS – you may choose one blog to import (in addition to any note imports) Start by choosing which of those you belong to and use, and which you would like to share with your friends. Now [ ... ]

GoDaddy Domain to Google Apps to Email Bliss

So I am seriously considering now renewing my MobileMe/.Mac account when it comes up in 9 months. This is – indeed – quite a bit of type-a over-planning-in-advance, I realize, but please bear with me here: I need to get my saved IMAP folders off MobileMe now! I want it on my GoDaddy account now because I get free email there with my hosting and domain plans! My f-ing domain is there man … I want my saved messages moved – now. See there? Just had a massive type-a attack – right there, literally via my fingertips thru the keyboard out over the Internets and to your internet connection to your high-speed modem (probably) then to a router (still – most have one, nut I realize I am now limiting my audience, yes, however if you are a redneck on dial-up — still — ? You won’t ever read my blog anyhow. I didn’t code it for you bro – you are literally learning e-Bay at this very moment, trying desperately to figure out why it takes so very long to load-up every image) .. [where [ ... ]