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Directing Mistyped Domains

Today I wondered what would occur if someone visited my domain, but mistyped the sub-domain name (i.e., instead of There are a couple ways to account for this type of user error: The Specific Method If you want to be specific, you can create A Record‘s with your DNS provider that logically direct to the intended sub domain (so in my example above, I would create a new A Record that points “ to The Catchall (Wildcard) Method To create an all powerful sub-domain catchall, you simply need to create a wildcard DNS record.  So with my domain host, GoDaddy, I use the Zone Editor to create a new A Record with “*” for the name field and my server IP address for the IP field.

Quicken and Mac OSX Lion

I have been using Quicken 2007 for the Mac since 2007 to keep my financial house in order.  I use it to reconcile accounts, and most importantly, to pay bills online.  Despite the fact that the Intuit CEO sits on the Apple, Inc. board (see detail at end of this post), I received this email from Intuit: Dear Valued Quicken Customer, Apple is scheduled to release a new operating system this summer (Lion Mac OS X 10.7). If you are using Quicken for Mac 2005, 2006, or 2007, and are considering upgrading to this new operating system, please click here to see how it could impact your Quicken Mac product. Sincerely, Aaron Forth GM, Personal Finance Intuit Inc. Clicking the link above took me to a webpage that stated: Is Quicken for Mac Compatible with Mac OS 10.7 Lion? Updated: 7/06/2011 | Article ID: 8207 Will Quicken for Mac work on the new Mac operating system, Lion (Mac OS X 10.7)? Currently, Quicken for Mac 2005, 2006 or 2007 will not work on Lion.  However, Quicken Essentials for Mac will work on Lion. If you are using Quicken Essentials for Mac, make sure you are on the latest Quicken Essentials patch version for full compatibility. Why will [ ... ]
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Scanning Family Photos

________________________________________ From: P. T. [P.] Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2010 7:41 PM To: Eric Forsberg Subject: personal question Eric: I have a pile of old family photos I want to scan. Can you recommend the best way to do this, to end up with quality scans? I’m not very happy with what comes out of the Xerox copier. Can you recommend some kind of equipment, or a service that would do this for me? Thanks for any leads. P. T. I’m not a big fan of the companies that provide the service.  I have researched them, and the thing is that it is expensive and you don’t have a human proofing everything and I prefer to be able to see my scans after I scan them in case I want to re-scan or try a different setting.  I have had INCREDIBLE success and happiness with the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 series!  You literally place a stack of about 30 pictures on the feeder, hit the button and walla – it scans beautiful at 300 or 400 dpi (any higher is pure digital waste as the size of a traditional photo at 4×6″ even, is being over-scanned for pixels not present any higher than about 320).  [ ... ]

… and I can see I need to style my h classes

So I just checked that last post and can see that the <h> class tags haven’t seen styled. Here is an example of what I am seeing now: That’s obviously my fault as I recently changed over to the new theme, however I shall do more than fix this with simple CSS styling, I will also install a server app that shall render my h classes as customized Flash content (yet in the html code, will remain as <h> tags thereby not decreasing SEO friendliness, for improper formatting when viewed off-site (think RSS). To accomplish this feat, I will be using sifr.  The only concerns I have about it are that: I do not believe Flash will be in the future.  I do not see it as a foreward-facing technology and believe it to be one-day completely abandoned.  Apple is justtaking the lead on thsi assumptive concern now, but I believe the rest of the world shall follow. I do not like the load times I am seeing for it on a site that uses sifr, as evidenced by this measurement I took using (pictured below).  While I could rest [ ... ]

Converting Multiple WordPress Blogs into a WordPress 3.0 Multisite, part 1 of 1

I am about to embark upon the task of converting my various, separate WordPress installations into one central WordPress Multisite.  So, same separate blogs with their same separate domains, themes, customizations, plug-ins, and (most importantly) content … into one unified back end.  This was previously possible using WordPress MU, a sort of break-out from the primary WordPress project.  While I played around with MU a bit, I ultimately decided to go with separate installs as too many plug-in’s were incompatible with WordPress MU. Fortunately, the WordPress 3.0 upgrade adds what MU did, but into the official WordPress project.  Plug-in’s can be re-written to take advantage of global variables, but all plug-in’s and themes are un-effected by the transition as they still operate independently among the various blogs.  This is what I have been waiting for.  Finally, I can have what MU did, but can have it the way I always wanted it – practically seamless and certainly allowing for less work by me (as the admin) on separate back-ends. Therefore, this post shall document the transition from my multiple WordPress blogs into a WordPress 3.0 Multisite. First thing’s first – the WordPress Codex: Migrating Multiple Blogs into WordPress 3.0 Multisite WordPress 3.0 includes new [ ... ]

The Importance of Timing Where RSS Is Concerned

RSS Feed publication REALLY is all about timing (where Exposure is concerned), isn’t it? I skip 1,000 at a time to catch-up, only ever reading the first thing in the morning (think newspaper reading time), lunch, dinner, and MAYBE just before bed. Time your publication so your syndication isn’t wasted on your potential readership.

Why Google Apps Users Miss Out on Regular Gmail Features

Still FAR to complex for the average user, Google attempts to “clarify” the complexities of their Google Apps product. Via: Why Google Apps Users Miss Out on Regular Gmail Features—and Some Solutions [Annoyances] If you’ve taken the leap and hosted your domain email and other services with Google Apps, no doubt you’ve noticed that you miss out on services that “regular” accounts get: like Google Reader, Voice, Wave, Analytics, and right now, Buzz. Here’s why: After complaining about the disparities on a recent episode of This Week in Google, a helpful Googler unofficially got in touch to clarify. Let’s call her/him “Helpful McGoogler.” Here’s what HM said. To the user, it may appear that there are three types of Google accounts: Gmail accounts, Google accounts, and Google Apps (for your domain) accounts. In truth, there’s only one kind of account: a Google Account. Helpful McGoogler explains: Abstract the idea of a “Google Account” from being associated with Gmail or Google Apps. You can tie ANY email address to a “Google Account.” Check out and notice that it asks you for your “current email address.” So let’s say [ ... ]
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Stay Up Late Tonight to Watch The Last Nighttime Shuttle Launch Ever [Reminder]

Via: Stay Up Late Tonight to Watch The Last Nighttime Shuttle Launch Ever If you live anywhere on the East Coast and are at all interested in cool stuff that happens in the sky, you’d be remiss not to stay up late tonight to watch for the last ever nighttime shuttle launch. Or you could wake up early, that works too. Either way, at 4:39 A.M. early tomorrow morning NASA will launch the Endeavor space shuttle, and it will be the last time it does so at night. On its way up to the International Space Station, the shuttle will fly parallel to America’s eastern seaboard and the shuttle’s rockets will thus be visible to a surprisingly huge area, weather permitting. Here’s a map of where the rocket will be in the first ten minutes after launch and what areas of the country will be able to see it: I told you it was a surprisingly huge area! To find out more about what you’re looking for and where exactly you should be looking for it, check out’s comprehensive rundown of the late night launch. [

Wanted: A WordPress Plugin to Post iChat (.ichat) Files That Are Readable

I am seeking a WordPress plugin that would allow posters to add an Apple iChat transcript file so that it is both readable within the WordPress post and downloadable as the original name.ichat file.

iPhone Photo Roll Woes and Fix

My iPhone 3GS has a problem. When I take photos, video, or screenshots, the Photo Roll shows the count on the Photo Roll icon, but when I click the icon, the media is not inside. When I sync to my computer with iPhoto, all the media shows up. I tried restoring to a previous backup to no avail, but have read that if I restored back in time far enough, I can probably make this problem go away. I wasn’t interested in this so I sought an alternate method and found it! 1. Backup/Sync your phone just-in-case 2. Use a directory browser such as PhoneView or some other tool (Download the trial of PhoneView: 3. In PhoneView Browse to the /Disc/DCIM/ folder and delete the entire .MISC folder. (I actually deleted everything in the DCIM folder) This solved the issue for me without having to resort to a restore. Also, using those programs you can recover any photos/videos that were taken that you could not get to.
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