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Fargo Hold ‘Em

Fargo Hold ‘Emby Eric & Paul Fargo Hold ‘Em is played with the same basic rules as is Texas Hold ‘Em with a few variations: At the conclusion of each hand, all players but the hand winner must drink a shot of beer for each face card on the table. Additionally, each losing player has the option to toss any/all face cards in their possession at any player but the hand winner and the person who receives the face card(s) must take additional shots for each face card received. The winner of Fargo Hold ‘Em is the ending chip leader unless said person passes out first, then they forfeit despite their lead.
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Best Food @ Streetfair

Best Food @ Streetfair, originally uploaded by Cobber99. T-Mobile Just a quick note to say that the best food you can get Thursday’s in palm Springs are these Shwarma sandwich’s at the Street Fair for five bucks. It seems like I am on a food kick lately huh? I’m not – just randomness turning into order randomly is all.
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Relaxing Weekend

Angela and I spent the weekend doing some relaxing … hanging out in the pool all day Saturday, watching movies, going out to eat, etc. Check out my food from Sherman’s 🙂

80’s Music

Sweet! I took this quiz today and did “scarily well” on it! Poor Jasi did a 101.5 because she can’t spell 🙂 Hi, Mom. Mom bonus of 20 points. No bonus for telling me where you saw this. How sad for you! Final Score: 123.5

Coffee Mug / Icea Tea Mug

Coffee Mug / Icea Tea Mug, originally uploaded by Cobber99. My new 52 oz. mug – now that’s hydration! My new mug – that’s what I’m talking about. Now I can have my iced tea wherever I go!
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