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Obama Chocolates?

Saw these in the way in to work today.

New XBox Live “Experience”

New update today. Now with Netflix which is pretty cool!
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Sad! The House for Rent

Sad! The House for Rent, originally uploaded by Cobber99. 3/10 Damn they don’t waste any time do they?
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My Geek Status

I took the quiz and got: 56% GeekThat I just blogged it should add a healthy additional 5%…
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Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung, originally uploaded by Cobber99. The trees are in business for the season – beautiful!
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Florian Found my Cache

Murray pk, originally uploaded by Cobber99. T-Mobile Cool. Florian sent me this picture form his cell phone while I was at work today. My pretty cache with a pretty view.
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Someone found my cache on Murray Hill!

Murray Hill’s West Face, originally uploaded by Cobber99. Someone found my cache on Murray Hill! This was the first one so I’m pumped. I’m sure more are to follow now that the weather is finally cooling off.
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Robert Plant Jams in High Desert

How cool would this have been to see? Robert Plant jams in the Californian Desert 13th March 2006 Pioneertown still buzzing after impromptu performance Photo: Linda Krantz Robert Plant surprised all the residents of Pioneertown by taking part in a sunday night jam session at the Yucca Valley bar, ‘Pappy & Harriet’s‘. He joined local musicians as well as Joshua Tree resident, folk singer Victoria Williams, launching into such classics as ’Sea Of Love‘ and ’Seasons of the Witch‘.
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Chillin’ at the Pool

I LOVE how I can do this practically all year long! … that’s all i have to say about that.

Homeless in Palm Springs

photo.jpg, originally uploaded by Cobber99. Sent from my iPhone This guy was passed out in front of Starbucks. I have talked to him before. He is sort of on and off again. Some days he is raving about random stuff that is undecernable (last December he was aiming a toy gun at passers by), other times he is completely coherent. A veteran. Sad.
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