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S. Lykken Trail w/ Angela & Paul

Going hiking this afternoon!

Marie Callender’s

Angela and I had the salad bar and corn bread was complementary.
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Dining Out @ VillageFest

After work this evening, Angela and I did the patio at the Kaiser Grill in downtown Palm Springs.

Painting for Drinks

This weekend Angela painted a wall in the bedroom and it looks awesome! I did a bunch of paperwork (finally feeling caught-up) and Saturday night Paul came by and chilled on the patio before we met Randy and Eva at Billy Reed’s for a late dinner and drinks. Good times.

Workin Out & Shakin it Up

So tonight was my first time in the gym for a while and damn my calves are feelin it! On another note, we had a pretty intense earthquake tonight at 4.2 magnitude.

Watching the Apache Peak Fire

Fire in the San Jacinto Mountains near Idyllwild 04.29.2008, originally uploaded by bossco. Fire is near Apache peak just southeast of the town of Idyllwild in the San Jacinto mountains. Probably a good 10 or 15 miles from the Tram. These were taken from home in Desert Hot Springs Tonight Angela, Paul and I went to watch the Apache Peak fire which started this afternoon and was absolutely blazing tonight. While no picture can do it justice, it was like watching a crown of flames in the sky … kind of like a volcano.

Goodbye Party for Dana

A buddy of mine from work is leaving for greener pastures in Tennessee and threw an all day party. Oh and did I mention that in the middle of the party, he and his girlfriend got married? Yep! Right at their apartment and everything! I got there after work and hung out for a few hours with Angela getting there about 10. Good times playing Rock Band and conversing.

Pool Time

Finally – back to the pool! Angela and I spent an hour laying out at our pool, then headed to Paul’s place and did up the pool right. Good times in 95 degree heat – but I’m, pretty sunburned!


Tonight Angela and I watched Amadaus as she had never seen it before.

Billy Reed’s

Tonight Angela and I went out to Billy Reed’s restaurant just up the street from us. I love this place – very inexpensive and incredible food!