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Shopping at REI

Went shopping at REI today and picked-up a few items.  I also checked out a few packs and really love this one!

S. Lykken Trail w/ Angela & Paul

Going hiking this afternoon!

Up Toward Murray Peak

Today Angela and I made our way up toward Murray Peak. This is the turnaround point where we headed back. It was pretty warm and was very green!

Christmas Hiking

Today I made the Museum Trail my bitch – getting up to approximately 1,700 feet with Angela. Oh yeah – I am so going to the top of this thing – it is calling my name. I love it up there – absolute bliss away from it all – perfect solitude. I took more pictures and they live here A Christmas Hike – I like this tradition (is it a tradition if it’s your first time doing it?)!
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To the Top with Cory, part 2

You may remember the first To the Top with Cory entry back in October. Well, this time it was actually Cory and we climbed an actual hill. Look really close on the pic below – can you find Cory?
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