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S. Lykken Trail w/ Angela & Paul

Going hiking this afternoon!

Tram to Laws Camp

Today Angela, Paul and I hiked from the Mountain Station to Laws camp. We headed to the Ranger’s Station, then south along the Willow Creek Trail to the Tahquitz Trail and to the camp. There is a moderate elevation gain just as you start the Willow Creek Trail, followed by alpine granite beauty for a mile before you come to Hidden Lake Divide, after which point you descend down toward the junction with the Tahquitz Trail and then further down to Laws Camp. We all found the camp to be a bit haunted. Not that there are any structures or anything, but just the general wooded area gave us the creeps. Back on the Willow Creek Trail we met up with Ryan, made a quick chilly stop at Desert View (a.k.a. Point Angela) (45 degrees) and then back to the tram for beers and football on their new plasma TVs.
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San Jacinto Peak

Took a great 7 1/2 hour hike with Angela and her brother Josh. The views were fantastic! Be sure to check the map view to see our route. San Jacinto Peak is easily accessible, as many trails penetrate the San Jacinto Wilderness. The most popular route involves taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway from Valley Station (2,643 ft) in Palm Springs up to Mountain Station (8,516 ft). From there, one can easily climb the mountain face via trails. Another method is to hike to the peak from the nearby mountain town of Idyllwild. The climb is popular and not overly strenuous. The Cactus to Clouds trail climbs over 10,000 ft from the Desert Art Museum in Palm Springs to the summit at 10,800 ft [1]. Climbing the mountain’s north face, via the Snow Creek Drainage, is no longer legal as this route passes through private property. The mountain is quite rugged in places, with several outdoor hazards that hikers may be unprepared for, including high altitude, severe weather, steep rock faces, and wild animals. Hikers and climbers die or are harmed every year. From the peak, Mount San Gorgonio can be seen across the San Gorgonio Pass. Also [ ... ]
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Around Long Valley

Angela and Eric (PS Tram season passes in hand) went up to Long Valley for Eric’s first trip to the area! We did some caching and basically scouted out the area.from the CA State Parks website: The deeply weathered summit of Mount San Jacinto stands 10,834 feet above sea level, and is the second highest mountain range in Southern California. No more than a two hour drive from either Los Angeles or San Diego, the mountain’s magnificent granite peaks, subalpine forests, and fern-bordered mountain meadows offer a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy a scenic, high-country wilderness area. The park offers two drive-in campgrounds near the town of Idyllwild. Most of the park is a designated wilderness area enjoyed by hikers and backpackers. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Starting in Chino Canyon near Palm Springs, the tram takes passengers from Valley Station at 2,643 feet elevation to Mountain Station on the edge of the wilderness, elevation 8,516 feet. The Mountain Station features a restaurant, gift shop, snack bar, and the state park visitor center. In Long Valley, a short walk from the station, you will find the Long Valley Ranger Station, a picnic area with barbecue [ ... ]
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Devil’s Slide Trail

Pictures of my trip from Palm Desert to Idyllwild. Hiking the Devil’s Slide Trail and then heading back to Palm Springs via Banning. A great Saturday trip! The Devil’s Slide trail ascends to Saddle Junction with many switchbacks each offering far reaching views. From an elevation of 6,280 feet the trail gains 1,700 feet to Saddle Junction. From Saddle Junction, trails lead to San Jacinto Peak, the Palm Springs Tramway, and Tahquitz Peak Lookout. The Pacific Crest Trail also passes through Saddle Junction. Day Hike Permits are limited for the Devil’s Slide Tr. on holidays and weekends during the summer due to very heavy use. An alternate choice maybe necessary.
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Wildhorse to Fern Canyon Loop

We went up the Theleman Trail, then over the Wildhorse Trail to the Clara Burgess where we went up to the peak of Murray Hill and then back down again to the saddle where Clara Burgess meets the Wildhorse. We then took the Wildhorse south and then the Fern Canyon Trail west and to our end at the Indian Trading Post (Hermit’s Bench).Many thanks to Florian for the vehicle swap idea – that worked great!
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The Theleman Trail

The Theleman Trail climbs up from the valley floor and takes you, quite quickly, to the Garstin/Wildhorse trailhead. During most of the hike, the Garstin Trail to the north is visible, making it’s way up on the next ridge over.
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Big Painted Canyon/Ladder Loop

some of this text from Hiking in Palm Springs: Painted Canyon, in the heart of the hills, exhibits many mineral deposits in hues of rose, pink, red, purple and green. The canyon runs in a general north-south direction, and is distinguished by sandy washes sprinkled with Ironwood, Smoke Trees, and Palo Verde. Keen eyed wildflower enthusiasts will also find the rare Mecca aster, a lilac tinted bloom resembling a daisy. Along the rim of the canyon and the tops of the mesas, squat colorful Ocotillo, which add to the serenity with their presence. Occasionally Bighorn sheep cross over from the Orocopia Mountains on the east looking for water. Like any desert area, the visitor is also treated to a multitude of lizards, snakes, and prairie falcons. Painted Canyon is an excellent hiking destination, one that can be explored by way of a loop through Ladder Canyon, named for the many ladders that aid hikers who journey through the canyon. After parking at the end of the dirt road that leads to the canyon, walk up the canyon that takes off to the right of the parking area. After about 1/4 of a mile, you will [ ... ]
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The Araby Trail

The Araby Trail can be accessed via a lower or upper trailhead. The lower is at the entrance to the Rimcrest / Southridge development (where Bob Hope’s house is). The upper trailhead is where the Araby meets with the Berns trail up top.I went a bit further once at the top so the trail info here reflects that.
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The Clara Burgess Trail

This trail takes you to the top of Murray Hill with a spectacular 360 degree view of the Coachella Valley and Little San Bernardino Mountains. The trail can be reached by equestrians and hikers via the Wildhorse Trail (W) or from the top of the Eagle Canyon Trail (E). To reach the Wildhorse Trail you can follow the directions for the Garstin Trail and follow the fork to the right down into the valley seen from the top of the Garstin. From there just follow the Trailhead signs that lead you to the Wildhorse, and then the Clara Burgess Trail. This is one very rewarding hike as you will have a beautiful view of the Coachella Valley from the top of Murray Hill.
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