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From Downtown L.A. to Coachella: A Guide to the Physical Geography of Interstate 10

Kind of neat… The author used one of my pictures on Flickr in this article.  Great article too! From Downtown L.A. to Coachella: A Guide to the Physical Geography of Interstate 10

Lunch at Civic Park, Palm Desert

Took a lunch break at Palm Desert’s Civic Park. Lots of birds chirping, kids playing, and beautiful views.

Getting Into Tennis

So last week, Angela bought us both tennis gear, which was both sweet and brilliant as we have incredible tennis courts a couple blocks away from our place.  Palm Springs really is a mecca for both golf and tennis, with the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens nearby and fantastic weather year-round.  We played a few practice sets today and both need to brush-up on scoring and basic rules, but what a fantastic new sport to get into!  Angela = brilliant.

Celebrating at Copley’s on Palm Canyon

Angela and I went to a lovely dinner at Copley’s on Palm Canyon this evening in order to celebrate her upcoming interview at Loma Linda.  I am so very proud of her and all the hard work she puts into her education!  The restaurant setting was incredible and the food was excellent.  I will state that the chef loves his salt and garlic, which I had read in reviews, however I thought the food tasted amazing.

Angela’s 30th Birthday


Obama Chocolates?

Saw these in the way in to work today.

Late Lunch at Sherman’s

Enjoyed some cornbeef and apple pie. It’s overcast and dreary out and veterans day parade attendees are filing by outside.

Rain in the Desert

Woke up mellow and relaxed. Chilling watching the Vikings-GB game in the rain. Mellow and beautiful a.m.

Shopping at REI

Went shopping at REI today and picked-up a few items.  I also checked out a few packs and really love this one!

Vikings vs. Titans

Watched the game at the Point After with Paul.