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Slow Driviers on the 111

from the Desert Sun Letters to the Editor today: Yes, it’s a mess With regard to “Highway 111 a mess” (Oct. 28), I concur. As a senior citizen approaching 70, I find it appalling that so many drivers, not just seniors, drive in the left lane, slowing down traffic. In Pennsylvania there are signs that say, “Slower traffic keep to the right. It’s the Law.” I don’t see any such signs in the Coachella Valley. People from other countries may not know. Perhaps The Desert Sun could have a contest for some humorous slogans to help – slogans such as “Hey slow poke: Move into the right lane” or: “Hey chatty Kathy: Pull over to the right with your cell phone”. Some such signs would draw attention to the problem and educate the young, the lost, the preoccupied, seniors and visitors. Perhaps banners over the streets in all of our cities would be a reminder during the season to keep right and pass left. Robert F. JohnstonPalm Springs Thank you Mr. Johnston!
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