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Henry Rollins: Teeing Off: Help Yourself to Self Help

I thought this opinion article was great… Henry Rollins: Teeing Off: Help Yourself to Self Helpfrom The Huffington Post I can still remember my mother coming back to our apartment after one of her marathon Erhard Seminar Training, otherwise known as EST, weekends and exclaiming such cultish bullshit as, “Be here now!” “You’re an asshole!” Well, she got it half right but I remember wondering what grave misfortune befell adults to send them running herd-like into hotel ballrooms, pay outrageous sums of money to sit in folding chairs and be told for hours, by someone they had never met, how badly they were fucking up their lives. This group cry was classified as self-help. Why you had to do it together with hundreds of other people was beyond me but it made my mother happy in a slightly disturbing waiting-to-be-beamed up kind of way, so what the hell? Self-help books, CDs, shows, seminars, and retreats are everywhere. Your neuroses are big business. The only downside is perhaps someday you’ll become strong enough to leave the temple with your wallet, so self-helpers are always quick to remind you that you’re not quite cured and they should [ ... ]

Happy Independence Day!

I spent the day relaxing with friends and enjoying the 115 degree heat near and in the pool. Corn on the cob, burgers and even a group singing of the national anthem (yeah – funny but I just launched into it). Let’s see how well you know your country. This is a link to the naturalization quiz for citizenship. If immigrants must know this info, it is my strong belief that any citizen should as well. It’s sad that most do not. If you can’t ace this quiz, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in my opinion… The picture above is from the Palm Springs fireworks show above the stadium.

Consumer Debt in America

DEBT FREE AT AGE 28!!, originally uploaded by lemonjenny. This article and it’s comments are quite sad. Consumer debt in America is horrible! The stories here (some stupid, some sad, some amazing, some uplifting) speak to a real problem in our society. What will my generation do when they retire? We so often hear about the United States as being the wealthiest country in the world, however if you pulled the top 5% from that calculation – how wealthy would we be? I think our public school systems need to teach personal finance to our children. As soon as a person turns 18, they are assaulted with credit card offers and often times, they accept because they want the lifestyle that MTV and popular culture portrays. There is a general stupidity to personal finance in my generation to be sure (i.e. the number of people around me who are so very excited by their high tax return as though that is something to [ ... ]