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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

@Activism101 Time Warner is worse. # @Activism101 Indeed – you are 100% correct. Same type monopoly, different area. I have many stories. # @RayShobe That's living the life. nice #
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

“@billprady: Everyone shooting video with your iPhones, please hold them horizontally.” //indeed. Good PSA. # @danharmon "Why Community Is the Most Popular Show on the Internet" – so very accurate. We geeks adore your show! # Apple's Ping service lack of Privacy features is abhorrent to freedom: Grow up Apple. Let me post under a nick. F sake. # I MUCH prefer to use @lastfm menubar integration. They respect my privacy Apple, Inc (re: Ping). # What an honor! Thanks @canislatrans & @kcet! ( @florianboyd @rayshobe ) #
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From Downtown L.A. to Coachella: A Guide to the Physical Geography of Interstate 10

Kind of neat… The author used one of my pictures on Flickr in this article.  Great article too! From Downtown L.A. to Coachella: A Guide to the Physical Geography of Interstate 10

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08

@DesertWeather Have you seen this tech? Great way to visualize wind patterns… # Scientific Proof That Junk Food Makes You Miserable # Hello 4G icon. #
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

#HootSuiteiPhone – Better than unicorns? Perhaps. # @hootsuite My Twitter lists don't show on the list to add the stream. # @BigBang_CBS The Intro would please Sheldon Cooper very much: Richard Dawkins & Neil deGrasse Tyson Talk About Science # @neiltyson Re: Your discussion @!. Perhaps Biology is best defined as a study of spectrum, to your earlier point. #
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