… and I can see I need to style my h classes

So I just checked that last post and can see that the <h> class tags haven’t seen styled. Here is an example of what I am seeing now:

That’s obviously my fault as I recently changed over to the new theme, however I shall do more than fix this with simple CSS styling, I will also install a server app that shall render my h classes as customized Flash content (yet in the html code, will remain as <h> tags thereby not decreasing SEO friendliness, for improper formatting when viewed off-site (think RSS).

To accomplish this feat, I will be using sifr.  The only concerns I have about it are that:

  1. I do not believe Flash will be in the future.  I do not see it as a foreward-facing technology and believe it to be one-day completely abandoned.  Apple is justtaking the lead on thsi assumptive concern now, but I believe the rest of the world shall follow.
  2. I do not like the load times I am seeing for it on a site that uses sifr, as evidenced by this measurement I took using www.psfollies.com (pictured below).  While I could rest this on my own server, I would rather go with a product that generates the class/tag replacements using .png images (forward thinking as the alpha channel stuff is amazing and superior to all other image formats for web display) and because with what I want to use, I will also meet what is my own requirement of preserving the original html code for SEO and readability concerns.

So I have changed my mind mid-type there, however I think that stepping through my decision making process in this regard is probably most beneficial so I will leave it as it.  So yeah … I am going with what I used for www.coronadoranchomirage.com, and that is Dynamic Heading Generator by Stewart Rosenberger. This script generates PNG images of text, written inthe font/size that you specify. These PNG images are passedback to the browser. Optionally, they can be cached for later use. If a cached image is found, a new image will not be generated,and the existing copy will be sent to the browser.

The thoughts and concerns that went into this project are well documented (from discussion of general image generation to concerns about “flickering” and a visability trick to fix) at http://www.alistapart.com/articles/dynatext/.  Additional documentation on PHP’s image handling capabilities can be found at http://www.php.net/image/.

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