Bill Nye: Climate Change Skeptics “Unpatriotic”

I love Bill Nye. My favorite quotes:

We remind you that ‘global warming’ was the first term for this phenomenon that we now call Climate Change.

These guys claiming that the snow in Washington disproves climate change … are almost un-patriotic. Really, they’re denying science. They are very happy to have the weather forecast be accurate within a few hours, but they’re displeased or un-enchanted by predictions of the world getting warmer.

I couldn’t agree more with his observation that “older people” tend to think far less symbiotically than do younger people. Additionally, the scientific fact that warmer oceans = wilder weather including (gasp) snow!

Via: Bill Nye: Climate Change Skeptics “Unpatriotic”

Most children of the nineties have fuzzy memories of Emmy-winning scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy, creator and host of a beloved educational television program of the same name that was [is?] shown in middle school science classes across the nation.

On Wednesday, Nye got tough when he appeared on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show, stating twice that climate change deniers are “unpatriotic.”

For young adult climate skeptics, it must hurt to have a childhood icon emerge ghostlike from the past to call you an anti-American.

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