Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

  • @johnslama Is this sudden humidity your fault? Hmm? in reply to johnslama #
  • I wonder if any of my Facebook friends are on Twitter… #fb #
  • Hey @Rayshobe – trust me, your sprinkler valves work 🙂 p.s. WHY do businesses run their misters when it’s humid out? Why? #
  • @johnslama Yep – cool because that’s exactly what the clouds look like they’re doing (I get excited by the little things). in reply to johnslama #
  • Playing ‘Far Cry® 2’ #
  • World’s Largest Natural Cave Discovered: <–cool! #
  • Playing ‘GripShift®’ #
  • @FlorianBoyd Oh MAN I wish I was watchingvStar Trek on a Friday morning. Lucky in reply to FlorianBoyd #
  • I am in allergy hell – when will this wind go away? #
  • Should this commercial for a CMS package excite or terrify me? The jury is still out: #
  • @drtiki How about outgoing answering machine messages … does the Dr. record them? 🙂 in reply to drtiki #
  • Star Trek tickets in hand for this evening at 7:30. #
  • I just saw 2 hikers with massive packs start up the museum trail just now. It’s 104 out. It’s 4:45 p.m. What in the hell? #
  • I am off to prepare by soul for Star Trek: Deep breaths. Don’t over analyze. Just enjoy the movie. Don’t be too trekkie. WooSaa. #fb #
  • @FlorianBoyd The Constitution class heavy cruisers were built on land just b4 construction of the Uropia Planecia orbital shipyards. in reply to FlorianBoyd #
  • @TrekMovie Bones hands down! He was brilliant. in reply to TrekMovie #
  • So Star Trek was a great movie. But the Trekie in me had a few issues to be sure… Vulcan, nacelles, overuse of temporal plots, warp look #
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