Pushing Contacts and Calendars with Google Apps

Here we go Google Sync! Time to see how close we can get to killing off MobileMe!



Looks great right? One warning caught my eye:

Google Apps user? This service needs to be enabled for your domain before you can use it. Please contact your domain administrator.

K, so I am said Administrator. What do I need to do here? Please don’t tell me I need to upgrade to a Premium Account, not after all this work Google. Don’t do it to me. Don’t!


From: Google Sync via ActiveSync – Google Apps Help

If you’d like to enable Google Sync for your domain, follow these steps:

1. In the Service settings section of your Dashboard, click the Mobile link.
2. Select the checkbox next to Enable Google Sync.
3. Click Save changes.

This feature is currently available only in the Next Generation version of the control panel.

Did it, done. Whew!

Migrating my MobileMe and Local Calendars to my Domain-Controlled Google Apps Google Calendar

So let’s start with getting my calendar.forsbergville.com Google Calendar set-up. I log-in and it confirms the time zone, etc. and bam! Up.

Next I downloaded a neat tool that basically adds Google Calendars to your Apple iCal (10.5 and up only) program. Note that in 10.5 and up iCal, you can also do this manually as the new iCal supports ical: subscriptions (love you Apple – had the Kool Aid made into convenient popsicles and poured into baby bottles just so I can be near it more – you rock). The tool was called Calaboration. Anyway, that got each newly created Google Calendar into iCal all talking back and forth. Sweet. Next, I exported the corresponding calendars I already had either on MobileMe or locally into separate .ics files vis iCal’s great Export… feature. Once done, I used the Google Calendar Import… feature and imported to each Google Calendar calendar. Again – whew! K, done.

After verifying that each one looked good in iCal (I should and did have duplicates of every item as I should not see the original in iCal as well as the newly subscribed to items. I did. Sweet. I delete the local/Mobile me calendars completely, quit iCal, start it again just to be sure, and walla. Cake.

Migrating my MobileMe and Local Address Book Data to my Domain-Controlled Google Address Book

Will go here – need a break at the moment but will edit this post soon to round it off.

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