Sub-Domain Ideas

So obviously I own my domain ( After reading about mapping my MX records for email to Google Apps, I started thinking of other ideas for my subdomains (current and future).

Sub-Domain Ideas
  • should resolve to primary domain on webhost (of course)
  • should resolve to this blog
  • should resolve to her blog
  • should resolve to my hiking blog
  • should resolve to my Dropbox (
  • should resolve to Apache running at home on my media server
  • should resolve to to jabber server running on my web host
  • should resolve to google apps per this post
  • should resolve to a Telnet/ssh java-based control on a black background webpage that is automatically attempting to login to the webserver using ssh (green lettering – yeah). Installed tools would include Gopher, Lynx, Pico, Pine, etc. Just for fun.

The ideas will keep coming I’m sure, but I think that this is a great start!

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