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So I am seriously considering now renewing my MobileMe/.Mac account when it comes up in 9 months. This is – indeed – quite a bit of type-a over-planning-in-advance, I realize, but please bear with me here: I need to get my saved IMAP folders off MobileMe now! I want it on my GoDaddy account now because I get free email there with my hosting and domain plans! My f-ing domain is there man … I want my saved messages moved – now.


My Finger - YOUR Eye!

See there? Just had a massive type-a attack – right there, literally via my fingertips thru the keyboard out over the Internets and to your internet connection to your high-speed modem (probably) then to a router (still – most have one, nut I realize I am now limiting my audience, yes, however if you are a redneck on dial-up — still — ? You won’t ever read my blog anyhow. I didn’t code it for you bro – you are literally learning e-Bay at this very moment, trying desperately to figure out why it takes so very long to load-up every image) .. [where was I? Oh yeah!], to your computer, up its circuitry (not minimizing the audience now tho am I?), to your display and INTO YOUR EYES.

Yes, you felt, just now, quite deeply; a type-a attack. But I digress: I want my saved mail moved! So I’m following the article below – now. Well actually – fu%k – I bet Godaddy has timed my session out by now and all because of my damned type-a fingertips to eyes routine.

From: Mike’s Tech Blog » Blog Archive » Using IMAP with GoDaddy email accounts

Using IMAP with GoDaddy email accounts

I really enjoy using GoDaddy for my domain and hosting provider. However, there has always been one aspect of their services that gets on my nerves: email. Let me count the ways:

1. Their email services limit SMTP forwarding to 250 times per day (that is how many emails you can send each day.)
2. Each mailbox only can store up to 10 MB, unless you pay extra.
3. You cannot use IMAP with their accounts, only POP3 or the website-based email.

Fortunately, I found out today how overcome all of these problems in one felled swoop. To summarize the process, you use Google Apps instead of the GoDaddy email system. GoDaddy lets you set all the nitty-gritty details of your account settings, including how your email is handled. There is a nice tutorial how to do this here:

Or, if you don’t want to follow the instructions at the site above, then you just create a Google Apps account at , enter your domain name, go to the “Dashboard” page, click on the “Activate email” link, and follow the directions.

Another great reason to do this is because now you’ll have all the benefits of having a Gmail account, but with your own domain’s email addresses instead of addresses. I have never owned a Gmail account, and I still don’t. Yet I use many of Google’s online applications: the search tool on my website, my personal calendar, and now to maintain my domain-specific email addresses. And yes, that means that I now get the same amount of email storage space for each account as someone a Gmail account gets (over 6 GB at the time of writing this), unlimited SMTP forwarding, and IMAP access via my email client (I use Mozilla Thunderbird.) And all of this is for free! Who would’ve thought such a thing would be so readily available to the public?
Kudos to Google! They may be getting massive and over-controlling of many things, but there are still treating their customers well.

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