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Often, I want to quote (embedded/inline/via a blockquote) all or part of another author’s post.  In fact, in an ironic twist, I will quote regarding quoting in this post to both show off how I think it ought to be accomplished and to pose my question(s) (see end of this post).

Tantek Çelik wrote:

Additional Thoughts / Improvements

“Wrote” is bad link text. It violates WCAG 1.0 guideline 13.1 that “link text should be meaningful enough to make sense when read out of context”. Imagine the page being presented as a list of links, as many audio browsers, and some visual browsers can (e.g. Opera, Amaya) – a page with a lot of quotes would have lots of links labelled “wrote”, “wrote”, “wrote”. Including the title of quoted article gives more meaningful link text.

Also, WCAG 1.0 guideline 10.5 offers a hint for improvement: “until user agents (including assistive technologies) render adjacent links distinctly, include non-link, printable characters (surrounded by spaces) between adjacent links”.

Eric Meyer

wrote inSocial Protocols:

What's so interesting to me is that the guys who decided
to focus on the positive went out and did something;
those who want to mix in the negative seem to have
nothing to offer except complaints.

An excellent contrast between those who want to
build new things and those who want to tear them down.

With perhaps a[rel=cite]{font-style:italic} somewhere in your style sheet.

So my question is this: is there an easier/automated way to accomplish quoting in this way?  Perhaps a Firefox plugin or a web service that will both generate the code and use best practices as suggested above?  I want to be able to properly credit the author and enhance my blog post by citing the word, at least in part.  This will take some research as it’s one of those damned hard Google searches (too general, refers to too many things, etc.).

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