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Head Injury and Company

It has been a wild past few days to be sure! On Thursday I slipped and fell in the shower and ended up going to the ER. Good times! Then, Thursday night Angela’s sister Miranda, her boyfriend Chad and their cousin Travis came. They spent Friday at Joshua Tree National Forest. Saturday they went to the San Diego Zoo and then hit the Gas Lamp District that night. Sunday we added Paul and went to Balboa Beach. Whew!

Painting and Furniture

This weekend Angela painted the apartment and on Sunday we went and bought furniture for the apartment. Looks nice eh?

The Cuban Grill

Tonight after work Angela and I went out to eat at the Cuban Grill, a quaint Cuban eatery downtown on a neat little balcony. Mango shakes and incredible food.

Sad! The House for Rent

Sad! The House for Rent, originally uploaded by Cobber99. 3/10 Damn they don’t waste any time do they?
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The Moving Begins

… and so it begins. Moving from good ol’ 2372 Shannon Way on to new pastures. Tonight was moving Ryan to his new house, tomorrow will be Paul to his new pad and then next weekend we all move Angela and me. Yikes.