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Looking at Apartments

A rainy day. We went to Koffe in uptown, then we found the apartment we want. Here is a picture (above). It’s perfect. Love it.

Rock Band

I bit the bullet and bought Rock Band for the XBOX 360. It comes with a guitar, mic and drum kit and is an incredible game to be sure! The only thing that I hate so far? no online “Band World Tour”. EA says that they are working on this – I’m waiting.

My Birthday @ Tropicale

Tonight a group of us went out for my birthday to Tropicale. This place is very swank and very Palm Springs. We had good food and a bil ol group from the Follies joined us for drinks afterward.

Dad is Here!

My Dad came to visit me in Palm Springs! I haven’t seen him for years so this was a truly wonderful, albeit too short, weekend! We went up the Tram for a COLD time in the snow (knee deep), went to Indian Canyons for a hike, saw the Follies, and went out with friends. Dad says he is coming for another visit soon and I really look forward to it. I think he had a great time and it was awesome to see him and for him to meet Angela. More pictures live here.

Low Clouds in Palm Springs

Really odd morning for weather – extremely calming and just strange. The picture above was taken on my way to work.

New Year’s Chocolate Martini’s

New Year’s this year was more relaxed. We did up some Chocolate Martini’s and relaxed.