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My Personal DNA

This is my Personal DNA profile – talk about a cool test! Mouse over each square to see what it means. Yeah, this is a very accurate representation of me alright!

Floating Away

This weekend was pretty low key. Lots of heat and pool and sun. Perfect!

Home Alone

So Angela is visiting her family in Seattle and Paul is on a cruise … time alone for me and it has been nice for a change!

What Grunge Band Are You?

Which Grunge Band Are You?

@ Las Casuelas

What a great Mexican restaurant this is! Angela leaves for a week in Seattle tomorrow so we had a wonderful evening out.

Murray Hill from Cathedral City today

Kinda neat to see my climb from the eastern side in Cat City. I took the car (Bertha) in for her oil change and tire rotation.

Earthquake tonight (10:11 p.m.)

Yeah – that was fun! My monitors shook and my house went for a little ride!