Consumer Debt in America

DEBT FREE AT AGE 28!!, originally uploaded by lemonjenny.

This article and it’s comments are quite sad.

Consumer debt in America is horrible! The stories here (some stupid, some sad, some amazing, some uplifting) speak to a real problem in our society. What will my generation do when they retire? We so often hear about the United States as being the wealthiest country in the world, however if you pulled the top 5% from that calculation – how wealthy would we be?

I think our public school systems need to teach personal finance to our children. As soon as a person turns 18, they are assaulted with credit card offers and often times, they accept because they want the lifestyle that MTV and popular culture portrays. There is a general stupidity to personal finance in my generation to be sure (i.e. the number of people around me who are so very excited by their high tax return as though that is something to be proud of).

At any rate, these stories got me thinking today … I need to re-visit my monthly budget!

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